[linux-cifs] Can't download files from your site. :(

Good day!

Recently I has found the site with advanced CIFS, which looks like 
solution for my client using DFS, but need use it from Linux too.

1) But can not download some files:
     The following links are broken - at least I can  not get anything 
from there:
    a) Installation info: 
     shows: /pub/scm /  404 - No such project

    b) at download page (http://linux-cifs.samba.org/cifs_download.html ):
           for RHEL4...: fs/cifs src 1.34a : 

but link to current 1.50 is OK : 

2) At start page also not clear:
     from one side -  "has been backported to compile (on 2.4 kernels, 
not just older 2.6. kernel versions)"
     from other side - "files for the fs/cifs directory which includes a 
relatively recent version of the cifs vfs which has been backported to 
build on various earlier kernels (2.6.14 or later)"

My system is:

-bash-3.00$  uname -a
Linux hostname*2.6.9*- #1 SMP Tue May 19 05:31:20 EDT 
2009 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

-bash-3.00$ cat /etc/issue
Enterprise Linux Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (October Update 8)
(this is Oracle Linux, almost 1:1 as RHEL 4.8)

So questions:
1) is it possible to make working Advanced CIFS on my platform?
2) if yes - which version of sources (or may be rpm also available) 
should I download and installed (if ot 1.50 - where can I get it)
3) Installation instructions also required.

Thanks in advance for assistance!

Best regards,

Andrey Chervonets
CoMinder Support
GSM: +371 26517848

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