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Gaspar N??ez schrieb:
> i downloaded the file (protext-2.2)
> and tried to install several times (windows vista, hp pavilion)
> but i always get the message
> "this program could have not been correctly installed"
> (i'n trying to do everything in spanish, and i think that's the translation)
> and i never get the figure 1.2 in page 7 of the installing document
> "the quickest way to a tex system"
> (which by the way has buttons in german)
> can anybody give me some help on this?

hmm, it would be easier if you could explain a little bit more detailled 
what you've done that lead to that message. Normally it should work like 

- Download the ProTeXt-2.2-...exe

- Unpack the ProTeXt-2.2-...exe , what will lead you to a new created 
directory ProTeXt somewhere on your harddisk.

- Activate the Setup.exe inside the ProTeXt-directory, by double 
clicking on it. Clicking on 'Next>' in the resulting window, opens the 
Adobe Reader.

- I.E. Click on 'Click here to install MiKTeX' on page 8 to start 
MiKTeX's install-routine (which at least will lead you to the window 
shown on page 7).

- Complete your global installation by installing all required 
components (TeXNicCenter, Ghostscript, ...), using the steps shown in 
the last steps.

Under Vista some of the steps shown above can lead to that "this program 
could have not been correctly installed"-message, which can be ignored 
as far to my experiences.

Regards - Thomas

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